EXMO Exchange Hacked Lost $ 10.5 Million

The exchange popular with Ukrainian and Russian traders, was hacked. The hacker withdrew 5% of funds from the hot wallets

An attacker stole funds in BTC, ETH, XRP, ETC, USDT, ZEC. About $6.5 million was withdrawn in BTC (292 coins). Another 18.5 BTC (for $415000), according to experts, it got stuck in the Bitcoin blockchain mempool.

This was also stolen:

  • 867 ETH ($ 521.9k)
  • 476.5 XRP ($ 247.7k)
  • 20.6 ETC ($ 126.8k)
  • 50 USDT ($50k)
  • 39.2 ZEC ($ 2.7 million)

Analysis of the transfers shows that the stolen coins were mostly transferred to a Poloniex account. In particular, all ETH, XRP and USDT went to the exchange.

Chronicle of the event

The funds were withdrawn at 2:27:02 UTC. EXMO representatives announced that they will stop depositing and withdrawing funds. The break-in was reported to the London police. The exchange is conducting its own investigation to determine the cause of the incident.