China Police Found BTC Farms In Catacombs

China law enforcement authorities found crypto farms that were powered by illegally appropriated electricity. Note, they were placed in the catacombs near the city of Daqing.

Illegal mining in the catacombs

Employees of the oil field, located near the underground farms, called the local police station, asking to find a source of illegal electricity consumption.

The police found two mounds of artificial origin. After a short excavation, they found a secret entrance to the premises, full of the crypto mining equipment.

Similar cases

According to local crypto news, such cases are common for China. For example, not so long ago a miner who hid the entrance to the room with equipment under the dog’s aviary was disclosed.

Sichuan Government Initiative

Recall that the authorities of the main mining province of China - Sichuan issued a demand for "shutting down the mining activity in an orderly manner".

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