website with bitcoin code recovered after DDoS attack

Due to technical issues, the site was down, but then relaunched after they were fixed. The reason the site was down was a DDoS attack. The information was told to reporters by the developer of with the nickname Cobra

This site hosts a copy of the open source Bitcoin Core. The blockchain itself was not harmed. However, due to the site downtime for a couple of hours, experienced users sent a copy of the code via the uTorrent and BitTorrent torrent services to beginners who wanted to download the Bitcoin Core client.

DDoS attacks are not uncommon during BTC price surges and in bull markets. They cause outages in the resource. This happened with in the early morning of 12/19/2020. The developers did not waste time and quickly restored the work of the resource.

Reference material

A DDoS attack is the result of a deliberate attack on a website by a group of users who enter from different devices and send massive amounts of spam. This leads to an overload of the service or data request system, reducing bandwidth and making the website unavailable.