Big scam: PlusToken withdrew almost $200 million to an anonymous wallet

Yesterday, June 24, the Whale Alert service recorded a large transfer of Ethereum, made from the wallet of the sensational financial pyramid PlusToken.

Scam Scale

The organisers of the pyramid have withdrawn 789 534 ETH to an unknown wallet, which is equivalent to $187 million at the current rate.

The transaction occurred yesterday at 16:46 Moscow time.

Not the first case

Chainalysis analysts report that the PlusToken pyramid has had a bad impact on the crypto industry for a long period of time. Let's say, its organisers transferred about 11 thousand Bitcoins through mixers in March of this year. After a while, OXT Research specialists said that such services contain 37,725 Bitcoins belonging to this project.

Failed PlusToken Attempts

Recently, weird transactions were noticed in the Ethereum network, where the amount of the fees significantly exceeded the money transferred.  So, analysts found a connection between the PlusToken pyramid and those transactions. Experts believe that these were attempts to launder funds.  But they failed since the mining pools returned the fees to the senders' wallets.

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