A Large Database Of Darknet Provider Got Into Open Access

The largest darknet hosting Daniel’s Hosting’s suffered from the great hacker attack, as a result, hackers got access to the whole provider's database.

Biggest Data Leak

The hacker with the nickname KingNull took responsibility for hacking and publishing the database in the public domain. He wrote that the hack took place on March 10, as a result, 7,600 sites on the darknet were disconnected (including crypto portals) and Daniel’s Hosting service was closed.

Almost three months later, this database appeared to be publicly available:

  • 3671 email
  • 7205 passwords
  • 8850 private keys from sites with the onion domain.

Consequences are coming up

Experts say, this information can be extremely useful for law enforcement agencies since now they can find out the owners of these illegal sites.

"This information could substantially help law enforcement track the individuals running or taking part in illegal activities on these darknet sites".

Representatives of Daniel’s Hosting contacted all their former users and asked to urgently change the passwords they use on other services.

Some crypto forums in danger

In addition to sites that contain illegal information, several large crypto forums used Daniel’s Hosting services. Some politicians, opposition from different parts of our planet were registered on this portal.

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