Opinion: Trump's desire to save the stock market will lead to a pump of cryptocurrencies

The upcoming presidential elections in the United States and the eagerness of the current president to go to the second cadence may cause the Bitcoin rate boost.

Where does the information come from?

This opinion was expressed by the famous crypto analyst from Capriole Investments, Charles EdwUSAards. He published it on Twitter.


How does Trump affect the cryptocurrency market?

He believes that Trump will do his best to restore the fall of the US stock market and strengthen the policy of quantitative easing (by printing more fiat money), which will eventually lead to the depreciation of the US dollar.

Charles Edwards statement

1. Trump wants to win the election
2. The stock market is his measure of success
3. He believes he can influence market price through policy and UBI
4. Money supply will continue to grow

How can you be bearish Bitcoin? - Edwards wrote.