Cryptopia will Begin Returning Stolen Cryptocurrency in a Few Months
May 27, the company Grant Thornton, which manages the process of the exchange Cryptopia liquidation, published a message to users of the trading platform. It states that the return of stolen cryptocurrency will begin only after a few months. Cryptopia announced liquidation on May 15th. The administration has decided to close down the company due to problems with banking services. In early 2019, the exchange was attacked by hackers who managed to steal virtual currency worth $16 million. Traders still have not received compensation, so the procedure for closing the company became more complicated. We want to remind you: The publication Grant Thornton states that on May 24, the firm filed a petition with the New York court for bankruptcy of the exchange. An application was also submitted with a request to issue a preliminary court order on the protection of the Cryptopia database, which includes information about the users of the site and the balance on their accounts. According to Grant Thornton experts, the data recovery process and compensation assessment will take at least several months. Employees of the organization are doing everything possible to speed up this procedure and advise users to be patient. New information about the liquidation of the exchange and the return of funds will be published on the websites of Cryptopia and Grant Thornton. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: