Cryptopia To Re-Open Today: Restoration After $16 Million Loss
One of the biggest New Zealand exchanges, Cryptopia, decided to regain its activity after major loss in January 2019. The platform has officially posted on Twitter that on March 5, it will re-open, however, people will be able to read only. The company also mentioned that they had a slight delay due to technical problems. After $16 million breach in January, 2019, the company is mainly oriented on security and privacy of the exchange. Let us recall you about that breach: So, will the platform be able to improve its security measures? Last month, Cryptopia claimed that it would secure each wallet individually, moreover, it gave an advice not to deposit any funds to old addresses. As for the end of February, 24% of crypto wallets were on new security server.
“We have transitioned 24% of all wallets to our new secure servers.  Once the read only site is online, we will be keeping users up to date on which wallets have been checked and secured via the coin info page.”
Some people like to exaggerate the problem making it bigger that it seems, same happened with Cryptopia. Many users claimed that the exchange had lost about a half of assets and it was just impossible to restore them, some even compare it with Mt.Gox exchange. However, the platform denied all the statement saying that only 10% of funds were stolen. We hope that the exchange will enhance its secure measures so that such breach does not happen again. We remind you Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: