New Cryptocurrencies of 2018 - The  List and Review of the Perspective Ones
The cryptocurrency industry is getting bigger every day. Its capabilities have reached such horizons that today everyone can create and issue their own cryptocurrency. The year 2018 is considered special for digital coins. This is directly related to the hype around the blockchain  technology. However, The Coin Shark singled out the most promising new cryptocurrencies among the whole set and compiled a brief review of each.

How do new cryptocurrencies appear and why?

The new coin are not brought by a birdie! They are created during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - the primary offer of digital coins, which have a limited number and are obtained by a single or accelerated emission. The need to issue new cryptocurrency lies in the ability of them to solve actual problems and in ease of use. At the same time, no one can predict which coin will be profitable. However, some assumptions can still be made - you just need to monitor news cryptocurrency.

The list of new cryptocurrencies of 2018

Today, more than 1500 digital currencies are available for sale. This number is increasing daily. The beginning of 2018 pleased the cryptocurrency industry with the launch of several dozens of new cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Therefore, let's talk about the most successful cryptocurrencies issued this year:
  • Crypterium is a cryptocurrency, which is in constant demand. It  is characterized by the fact that holders of tokens receive deductions for each transaction made. The reward within the platform directly depends on the activity of the token holders - the more transactions they make, the greater the rate of accrual of rewards is.
  • NEO is a cryptocurrency, the developers of which are Chinese programmers. It is called upon to find solutions to problems in the field of education. At the moment, it demonstrates a positive growth of value at the market.
  • Envion is a cryptocurrency, the production of which is carried out only near energy sources with a low cost of consumption. It is at the expense of mining that this digital currency is considered unique, since it is practically free. The company-developer is working on the issue of reducing costs for the production of cryptocurrency. The forecasts for the project are quite positive, which is justified by an unusual offer.
  • Gladius Token is a cryptocurrency that is tied to a product that specializes in protection against hacking and malicious viruses, as well as in speeding up the site through optimization.
  • World Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency, which the developers plan to implement in the application infrastructure. The rest of the data was not disclosed.
  • Bitcoin Candy is the project's cryptocurrency, the idea of ​​which is to oppose the quantum technologies capable of hacking digital currencies in the future.

How to make money and why is it profitable to invest into new cryptocurrencies?

You can earn on new cryptocurrencies by investing in a project during the ICO. Before you determine where to invest, you should conduct a market analysis or find the information already prepared by cryptocurrency or blockchain experts. Then you return to the list of the most profitable projects, check the relevance of everyone's idea at the market. If the idea of ​​a project proves useful and effective for solving any global issues, then the token attached to the product will increase in price after a time, which implies a share of investors' profit. Investing into cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to secure a future in abundance.

What should I pay attention to when investing into new cryptocurrencies?

Before investing in a new project, that is, in a cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that this is not another scam. To do this, you should check the team members, see if there is a ready and launched MVP product, if it is necessary for the implementation of the concept, you need to monitor its activity in social media. If you do not have enough experience in investing, then we recommend that you turn to those who already have some experience in investing into an ICO.


It should be understood that no review of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2018 is able to give any clear predictions. We can online say with 99.9% certainty that the blockchain technology and mining will develop, the capitalization of cryptocurrency will grow, new cryptocurrencies will appear every day. The main thing is to learn how to distinguish between dummy projects and future world giants. To do this, check the news of cryptocurrency market, compare the newest cryptocurrencies with what Bitcoin currently is. You should also check what idea underlies a perspective cryptocurrency. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: