Exchange Any Cryptocurrency Without Leaving Telegram with BEEX
There are a huge number of services nowadays that let quickly, simply and safely exchange digital coins for fiat or vice versa. Each individual country has its own legal base:
  • some countries legalized cryptocurrencies and created mechanisms for their regulation;
  • somewhere, cryptocurrencies are neglected;
  • some countries strictly prohibit them.
In fact, you can find companies that are ready to make exchange transactions with cryptocurrencies in almost any country in the world. Of course, it is easy to buy the most popular digital asset - Bitcoin for fiat money, it will be more complicated to buy Ethereum. Intermediaries fees for their services, and sometimes too much. Besides, they may be fraudulent or may not have the amount of exchange you need. It can take a lot of time to find a suitable exchange service, especially when it comes to large amounts or rare coins. Telegram bot BEEX - a new generation exchange We have good news for you, we found a platform that allows exchanging any digital coins in any direction. In order to make an exchange, you just need to choose the direction you are interested in and enter the amount of exchange. After that, the connected services that are ready to work according to these parameters will see your application and provide you with their price offers. Further, you have the opportunity to choose the best of them, as well as read the reviews of other users. Note that you can go directly to the transaction window and carry an exchange without leaving the Telegram messenger. This helps protect against phishing attacks and scammers. This platform includes support in manual mode, which is very helpful if you need to make a non-standard or large financial operation. As an experiment, we checked several similar services, but none of them could possess such a speed of work, as well as the number of various directions. The vast majority of them either offer P2P, OTC transactions or are directly related to a particular exchange point. Most users of this platform live in the territory of the CIS countries at this point in time, but the presence of the English language and its rapid development means the following extension of geography. Applications are accepted 24/7. Conclusion The cryptocurrency exchange industry is constantly developing and opening up new opportunities not only for users but also for companies. The number of exchanges has increased several thousand times over the past three years. The opinion of our Internet editions - BEEX is an excellent project, worth your attention. You can try the bot functionality in Telegram on the @beex_bot link.