A Detailed Review of Helbiz (HBZ) Cryptocurrency
Now we can truly say that we live in the era of cryptocurrency development. This industry has not even turned 10 years old, and it has already become stronger on a global scale. Of course, a lot of coins among the existing ones will not pass the natural selection of crypto-evolution. Today we will talk about a rather young, but very promising coin Helbiz. What does it represent, what functions it performs and what can potential investors count on? Contents: (please, click the topic to scroll down to it)
  1. What is Helbiz?
  2. Helbiz price graph
  3. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts for Helbiz
  4. Conclusion

1.What is Helbiz?

Helbiz is a relatively young project, the main purpose of which is the creation of a single marketplace in the field of mobile transport and car-sharing. Car-sharing is a concept of joint ownership of transport, without the need to possess it. Anyone can rent a car in any part of the city and pay for it using HBZ tokens. Considering that many experts of the automotive market predict the great future of this concept in the coming years, we can conclude that the Helbiz project may have huge prospects for growth.

2. Helbiz price graph

As of the time of writing (July 5, 2018), the coin ranked 621 in the Coinmarketcap rating. Here is a little general information about the project:
  • the number of tokens - 1 billion pieces, now 547 million;
  • price - $0.007696;
  • capitalization - $4.2 million;
  • the volume of trading in the last 24 hours - $1,021,730;
  • ERC 20 token, built on Ethereum blockchain;
  • it is not subject to mining, the production of tokens is subject only to developers;
  • HBZ is  already traded on several fairly large cryptocurrency exchanges (IDEX, Coinhub, Mercatox, etc.).
  • according to the minimum cost, the coin shows an increase by 115%;
  • according to the maximum cost, it shows a decrease by 500%.

3. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts for Helbiz

The Helbiz project is open for cooperation with other companies that work in the field of short-term or long-term transport lease. The highlight of Helbiz is the fact that this is the first marketplace in this field, which is based on the blockchain technology. The potential market is huge, considering that every year, it comes to more countries and cities. You can keep a record of all the services that will be provided through the Helbiz platform in the blockchain. Tokens can be paid for transport, so in case of successful implementation of the project, HBZ will be very in demand, which will certainly affect its price. Sharing + blocking technology = huge potential for growth for the next 10-20 years. The blockchain technology is able to make a revolution in many spheres of life. The main advantages of Helbiz are the relocation of one of the economic sectors to a decentralized network, which does not require intermediaries, auditors or regulators. If you look at Helbiz from the point of view of an investment asset, we can admit that the project is pretty worthy and you can buy a couple of hundred or thousands of tokens (depending on your budget), if you see it fit. It's clear that a full-scale card-making revolution is a matter of not even a decade, but even in the short and medium-term prospects Helbiz can still bring a good profit. For example, listing on such giants as Bittrex and Binance is able to ramp the token rate by several hundred percent.

4. Conclusion

The Helbiz project is quite young, but it has every chance to become successful in the near future. This platform will greatly simplify the interaction between transport owners who want to monetize it and ordinary users. The blockchain technology will remove intermediaries, which will favorably affect both the earnings of the former and the expenses on the latter. If we talk about promising cryptocurrencies in 2018, then Helbiz is definitely one of them. You will need a very small share of your investment portfolio to buy this coin, not more than 1%. It is necessary to competently diversify your financial assets and never focus on one single coin in order to earn on the cryptocurrency market consistently and minimize its risks. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/