Air Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Is Now Possible
Mark Dovey from Britain showed a mining rig fueled by breathing. The device measures the amount of air we get and the amount carbon dioxide we produce and after that hashes this information, reports Motherboard. This device mines the cryptocurrency called Monero. One breath produces 1 thousand computing operations and this number actually depends on how fast you breathe.   Breath, developed by an artist and researcher, is actually a medical tool called a spirometer that measures how much air is inhaled and exhaled by lungs. After that this data is transferred to a computer mining on the Monero blockchain. However the device is not able to mine a lot of Monero, as, for instance, there are 500 million such operations per second in the world. However according to Dovey, it was never about making money. He wants to show the public that mining that requires a lot of energy has other possible ways.