Withdrawing to Wasabi Wallet is Prohibited by Binance
The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance began to block the withdrawal of funds from its platform to the Wasabi private wallet. Many users write about this in social networks. Adam Fischer, the main developer of the Wasabi wallet, has already responded to this information, he spoke sharply, in his opinion, the actions of Binance are terrible, and such a case is the first of its kind precedent. He added that this is especially odd since Binance was going to invest in his project six months ago. A user with the nickname Catxolotl posted a tweet in which he shared his unsuccessful experience of withdrawing funds from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange to the Wasabi wallet. “Not surprised that my transactions are tracked, it's KYC after all. But I'm very concerned that Binance knew I was sending to wasabi, when all I input was a bc1 address, nothing more” – user wrote. In accordance with the provided screenshots of the correspondence with the technical support of the exchange, the reason for the refusal was risk management.