What Programs for Mining Can Be Used in 2018
Today, cryptocurrency is a tidbit that everyone wants to obtain to become rich. You can get the desired digital coins with the help of mining. To do that, you need large computing power of the PC. The computing process needs organization, therefore, special programs are required. Everything is quite simple! However, which program should you choose, if there are so many of them? That is why, The Coin Shark will talk about the 9 best programs for mining in 2018, relying on the opinion of professional miners.

1. CGMiner

Perhaps, this program is by far the most famous and popular for Bitcoin mining. CGMiner is characterized by high stability and the ability to perform tasks in the background. If you decide to use this utility, then prepare to work in the command line mode.

2. GUIminer

Miners who use Windows 10 with an interface in Russian can be happy, because this program is created for them. On a larger scale, GUIminer differs from CGMiner only in the graphical environment. As for the advantages, there is an opportunity that allows for rapid switching of calculations, and support for server mode.

3. Nheqminer

The program also applies to console, but is suitable for zCash. It is characterized by stability and reliability of work. The only issue is: if you want to start mining with this utility, then get ready to use an awkward algorithm for getting help information.

4. MinerGate

This software is very versatile, because it is suitable for both Bitcoin, zCash, and other cryptocurrencies. The positive features include the possibility of rapid conversion of virtual means.

5. Claymore's Dual Miner

The presented program deserved the approval of the miners by its own uniqueness, which makes it possible to mine Ethereum and one of the following cryptocurrencies to choose from: Pascal, Decred, Lbry or Siacoin.

6. Ufasoft Miner

The mining of Bitcoin, Bitforce, Solidcoin and Tenebrics have not yet been mined by a simpler program than Ufasoft Miner. The software has a convenient interface and it is suitable only for weak computing equipment (although for someone it is more a minus than a plus).

7. Diablo Miner

Is preferred by miners with the most powerful computing equipment, more powerful than Nvidia 8 and AMD 79. Despite the excellent synchronization, the program has a console interface and has no graphic components. Therefore, we note that this software is suitable only for advanced users.

8. Nice Hash Miner

A more versatile and unique program than Nice Hash Miner has not yet been found, because with the help of it you can mine through a processor or through a video card. The software performs search for the optimal algorithm for mining independently. It mines any cryptocurrency and converts it into Bitcoin at once.

9. Awesome Miner

Professionals prefer Awesome Miner because of its wide functionality and ability to work with remote PCs. However, those people who want to use Awesome Miner will have to pay for their desire. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark