Two Priests Became Another Victims of Crypto Fraud
Russian confessional and public speaker Andrey Kuraev, received a message in social network from some Thailand resident Natalia Gurina. The grifter introduced herself as a crypto investor and informed the deacon about her intention to donate 300 thousand rubles in Bitcoin to the church, which is according to Russian media. Allegedly to the registration of crypto wallet, the swindler give a link to the resource for the priest, which demand about 5 thousand rubles in order to get alms. Kuraev transferred that amount, as it turned out - on the wallet of the fraud. The victim of the same scam was the Pastor of the church in Novokuznetsk. Earlier, cyber security expert Aristarkh Gutman told about, how frauds are conducted via fake sites. For registration, such resources require money, which after the transaction do not authorize the account, but enter the criminals’ wallets.   We want to remind you, that we have written about earlier, that crypto frauds under the name of John McAfee had a fake giveaway. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: