Twitch Is No Longer Accepting Payments in Cryptocurrency
A popular streaming service Twitch, which specializes in gameplays of various video games and broadcasting cyber tournaments, is not going to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment anymore. No official announcements have been made so far, the novelty was detected by a Reddit user under the nickname f7ddfd505a. This person mentioned the news in their thread. Before, the streaming platform accepted subscription and other kinds of payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The transactions were conducted through the American crypto payment provider BitPay. Twitch streamers even used to get donations from users in BTC. However, it turns out that this option has been deleted without any notifications or explanations of why it happened. This news has really upset and outraged many users of Twitch. Some people have even cancelled their subscription to the platform, and a lot of users sent complaints to the customer service, hoping that it would bring the cryptocurrency payment option back. There were also Twitch users that had no idea that such an option even existed and got upset that they never had a chance to use it due to the lack of information coming from Twitch management.
They've probably removed it through the lack of people using it but there's a lack of people using it because they just had no idea about it, like myself, had no clue either,” said a Reddit user under the nickname R1CK3O.
Moreover, the software company Streamlabs, responsible for the abovementioned donations on Twitch, has followed the example of the streaming service and also cancelled a crypto payment option. As in the first case, this was noticed by a Reddit user 1John8Lare. It seems like cryptocurrency is not able to get a hold grip in the technological world as for now. It blew up rather abruptly and many companies adopted it during the hype wave. Now the hype wave is dying out, and so is the popularity of digital assets, however sad it may sound. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: