TRON Developers Announce Successful Testing Of zk-SNARKs Technology
Representatives of the non-profit organization TRON Foundation said they will be able to achieve the maximum level of privacy in the near future. For this, they are going to introduce zero-agreement evidence technology (zk-SNARKs). The news appeared on the TRON Foundation official Twitter. The so-called zk-SNARKs zero-agreement protocol is a key element to ensure privacy on the Zcash network. But the TRONZ developers claim that their variation is the most efficient and least energy-intensive in the world. The company said they had already completed and even tested the innovation, but decided not to tell about technical details so far. We will wait for the soon update of the main network. Recall earlier we wrote that subscribers of the head of TRON accused him of advertising a financial pyramid. To keep up with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, check out updates on TheCoinShark.