The Winklevii Talk About Bitcoin, Facebook, And Investments on CBS Sunday Morning
It is not a secret that the Winklevoss twins are considered to be one of the most successful Bitcoin investors. CBS Sunday Morning invited the brothers to talk about Gemini, Bitcoin, and investments as a whole. Let us look at what comes out of all this. Read more: First of all, they discuss the meaning of Bitcoin. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are sure that Bitcoin is strong enough to disrupt gold. Cameron explained how he turned to his brother and said that Bitcoin was either a great thing or “total BS.” Fortunately, the world’s first coin turned out to be the former. Another topic was the participation of the twins in the social platform Facebook and its entering into the crypto space. A lot of people supported the words of the Winklevii and this resulted in Gemini’s listing in the top 20 finance apps in the Apple App Store. CBS Sunday Morning chose the best time to cover Bitcoin news as the price of the coin has soared to $9400 per coin which attracted many crypto fans. We remind you: