The Victims of Sexual Crimes Can Use Cryptocurrency for Crowdfunding
Luckily, sexual assault and harassment are now fully recognized as serious crimes, and the victims of such crimes now have more opportunities to receive professional help. That being said, they still face multiple difficulties, one of which can be solved by crypto and blockchain. Many people that suffered from sexual assault require financial aid, but the problem is, they need to stay anonymous both for personal and safety reasons. Thus, the victims cannot use traditional crowdfunding platforms, because in this case their personal info can be revealed. This is where crypto platforms come into play. The blockchain technology helps to keep any fundraiser safe and anonymous. Such platforms as BitHope or Seeds, which was specifically created for such purposes, can help the survivors of sexual assault raise money for their physical and mental recovery. Hopefully, this time crypto will serve for a good cause. We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: