The Updated Platform Binance 2.0 Began to Support Margin Trading
Binance Exchange now officially supports margin trading with leverage. Representatives of the platform wrote in their Twitter account that they are launching an updated version of Binance 2.0 with support for margin trading. In addition, he said that despite the mood of the market, Binance will continue to introduce new technologies in its brainchild. Rumors about this have been going on for a quite long time, and in May 2019, the developers of the exchange showed an updated interface, in which a new “Margin” tab was already available. More recently, namely on June 11, Binance announced the start of the last stage of closed testing of a new function and invited traders to take part in it. But it is worth noting that this proposal was limited, only 1,000 people could take part in this round. Well, now margin trading is available to all Binance users, and this event must necessarily affect the price of BTC and other coins. We want to remind: