The Square Crypto Supplies a Grant to Unknown Developer
A subsidiary of the Square payment system, a cryptocurrency company Square Crypto is ready to offer a large grant to the unknown developer of the Lightning Network, with the nickname ZmnSCPxj. This person has been publishing posts with a detailed analysis of proposals for developing the Lightning Network over the years, so Square Crypto decided to reward him. “In a move that could never happen in any other space, we’re supplying a grant to what looks at first glance like a hash function.” – Square Crypto twitted. The company says that ZmnSCPxj has been improving the Lightning Network for a couple of years in his free time. But with the help of this grant (the amount is not disclosed), the developer can live for 14 years without work. Based on the average salaries of developers that start at $100,000 a year, the grant is about $1.4 million.