The Price of Bitcoin Will Be $15k - A Prediction for the June of 2018 by John McAfee
According to the famous programmer, businessman and Bitcoin enthusiast John McAfee, Bitcoin will please the participants of the cryptocurrency market in June, but in July, after increase, it will fall in price again. The cost of BTC for one coin will reach $15 thousand. McAfee posted his predictions on his Twitter. The message contained predictions for five more Altcoins. Also, the programmer is confident that new records will beat MTC and BEZ, the cost of which will be $0.73 and $0.52, correspondingly. McAfee's predictions do not end on this. He is sure that at the end of July Bitcoin Private will be sold at about $200 per coin, while today the value of this cryptocurrency is not more than $25. Also, Golem with a price tag of $0.5 per coin will jump to $5 in July. EOS also expects an increase by the end of July to $32. Its cost currently is about $12. The programmer commented on his forecast, noting that he rarely makes short-term predictions, but this is a "special case." We remind you that earlier McAfee made no less popular forecast by predicting the cost of Bitcoin in 2020, where it should at least $1 million for a coin. Moreover, he says that if the cost of Bitcoin does not increase to $500k by 2020, then he will have to eat his own penis during a live broadcast on the national television channel. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: