The CEO of BKCM LLC Compared the Internet of the 80s to Bitcoin
You’ve probably often heard the following opinion: "Would you refuse to invest into Apple or Microsoft, when the value of their shares was $5?" The founder and CEO BKCM LLC Brian Kelly is confident that Bitcoin is in this situation at the moment. Brian is not only the head of the investment company, which specializes in cryptocurrency, but is also the author of the book "The Bitcoin Big Bang - How Alternative Currency Are About You to Change the World". In this regard, it will not be difficult to guess which side he took. During an interview on CNBC, Brian Kelly compared the Internet with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology:
“We’re early stage teching this, so you have to remember that this is like the Internet in the 1980s. I used to think it was the Internet in 1995, but after last couple of months talking to folks, I think we’re more like the 1980s”.
Since Bitcoin has reached the minimum mark, Kelly responds with optimism about this, because in his opinion, it will only grow this year.   Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: