Technical Issue Has Struck BitMEX, What Happened to Bitcoin Price?
BitMEX, one of the biggest crypto exchanges, faced a technical problem, called WebSocket on October 8, according to the official statement on Twitter. The representative of the exchange assured the customers not to get panicked in case of observing “zero” on their balances. The first news of exchange improper work began appearing about 2 days ago on Twitter. There are some orders not being displayed, the liquidity was reduced, since there were empty candles on charts, furthermore, some people cannot log in, and some of them are not able to withdraw the assets. bitmex Source: The customers are extremely not satisfied with the work of BitMEX, they expressed their disappointment in it. A user with a nickname @digital_mine_ even called it a scam: What is more interesting, technical issues of BitMEX cause a growth of Bitcoin price. The value increased by $90 just in three hours yesterday, according to the data of CoinMarketCap. BTC has also demonstrated historically low volatility, which is the lowest observed on BitMEX since its outset. bitmex Source: We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: