Scammers Tricked Users in the Guise of Durov Again
The founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov published a warning for his subscribers on Sunday. Durov wrote in post that the server is overloaded because of this the messenger is working with interruptions. Scammers decided to use this tweet and began to offer users a cryptocurrency as "gratitude for their support." The very creator of the famous messenger asked subscribers not to trust the scammers and said that he was not going to renounce the digital currency.. In order to get into the trust of users and get what they wanted, the scammers used a trustworthy account that belonged to the Swedish music group Club 8. The account was not different from the official Durov account, because the attackers changed the avatar and page name. The scammers thought they would convince users of the free distribution of digital currency by doing so. The “cheating” ad contained two links to websites with scam wallets. The statement dealt with distribution of 5000 Ethereum and 1000 Bitcoin. The director of Metamask issued a call to ban interaction with this announcement. Despite the fact that the published fake announcement was in public access only 27 minutes, scammers managed to steal about 1 BTC. We want to remind you that this is not the first attempt of scammers to use the name of Durov to steal cryptocurrency from users. Earlier, a fake page of the messenger's creator was used to steal $60 thousand in ETH by turning off the power on the Telegram servers. This case differs from the others by the fact that scammers achieved their goal by hacking a verified Twitter account and changing it to look like the page of Durov. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: