Roger Ver: “Bitcoin Cash Has a Much Brighter Future Than Bitcoin”
Major crypto personalities have pretty different views as to how the world’s #1 digital coin is going to develop and what its price will be in the future. The famous crypto investor Roger Ver is sure that Bitcoin might as well be outrun by its most famous fork, Bitcoin Cash. Ver posted an article on his Twitter account with the main quote which is rather a serious claim. The author of the article, who is actually one of the BCH developers, spoke about a major bug in the Bitcoin network which caused inflation and could potentially threaten all other cryptocurrencies, but was not disclosed to anybody. He believes that such behaviour is absolutely indecent for such a global cryptocurrency and thinks that BCH definitely has more potential “by being fundamentalist on the principles that matter and came along with the original white paper while not being fundamental on things that were created post-hoc. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: