Roger Ver and Will Be Sued for Using the Word “Bitcoin”
The owner of the information resource, Roger Ver, who is one of the main supporters of Bitcoin Cash, will soon be sued for using the word "Bitcoin" on the site regarding the cryptocurrency created in August of last year, according to the publication of WalletInvestor. The initiator of the lawsuit is the person with a Twitter username @MoneyTrigz, who is very famous. He leads the CoinTimes magazine and is a co-owner of the website
“A lawsuit has been filed against the owner of, Roger Ver, formerly known as Bitcoin-Jesus, but now turned into Bitcoin-Judah. Roger Ver was an early investor in bitcoin and related companies, but then chose the path of the altcoyins. Altcoin, called Bitcoin Cash or BCH / Bcash, was formed as a result of a branch from bitcoin even before an unsuccessful attempt was made to increase the block size of the original chain. At the moment, Bcash has reached a level of acceptance comparable only to Doge, and has a similar transaction volume. This despite the fact that it has already been added to most major exchanges and is even supported by payment processors like BitPay"the edition writes.
It is worth noting that Roger Ver repeated multiple times: "Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin." As a result, he sent the key parts to his site, most of which publicly displayed his vision.
“This in itself would not be a problem, however, given the fact that the site is called, and is also a key link in the sale of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and cloud mining contracts, this potential can be misleading inexperienced investors and beginners and lead them to buy the wrong bitcoin" – authors of the material add.
To clarify the situation the publication  provides screenshots from as evidence of a number of actual inconsistencies and confusing statements. Thus, the Block Explorer section contains a BCH ticker, while BTC is a Bitcoin Core cryptocurrency, which does not actually exist. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: