Ripple CEO will Send Champagne to Libra Management for Promoting Their Business
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, noted that a cryptocurrency project Libra had a positive impact on his business in general and on popularization of xCurrent software and XRP token in particular.
“This is going to be a record week for Ripple,” said Garlinghouse on Thursday at the Fortune's Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, New York.
According to Garlinghouse, Facebook’s Libra announcement actually forced banks to search for alternatives, and Ripple technologies turned out to be more suitable than ever.
“This has been a call to action,” said Garlinghouse.
According to Brad, Facebook's plans to release cryptocurrencies for billions of users for online payments in Messenger and WhatsApp imply the continued lack of demand for Western Union and other processing giants.
“I will send a case of champagne to David Marcus the guy who runs Libra,” Garlinghouse added.
As part of the speech, he also touched on the theme of partnership with MoneyGram. Although the deal led to an increase in MoneyGram shares to 168%, this didn’t have any impact on the price of XRP cryptocurrency. Garlinghouse explained the lack of XRP price movement with a hype in the cryptocurrency sector.
“I think it’s really hard for people in these economies to say what is real and what is noise,” he said “it was a big deal for Ripple,” and overtime, people will believe it was “bigger deal for the cryptocurrency markets overall.”
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