Peter Schiff  Posted: “My Wallet Forgot My Password”
Peter Schiff - a famous person in the cryptocurrency industry and an ardent critic of Bitcoin stated that he had lost access to his Bitcoin wallet. He did not explain how it happened but said that the wallet was compromised. He wrote it on his Twitter, and his post has provoked much controversy in the crypto community. Users wrote that it is simply impossible to lose access to a BTC wallet as long as a person has a copy of the private key. One user offered him help in regaining access and asked if Peter had forgotten the password. Schiff answered very strangely, he wrote: "My wallet forgot my password". It confused the user and he said that software can only perform the tasks that a person puts to it and is not able to “forget” something. This conversation did not lead to an understanding of what exactly happened to Peter Schiff's wallet. Recall, earlier we wrote that a SIM-swapper who stole $1 million in cryptocurrency was arrested in the USA.