OneCoin Pyramid Site Goes Offline Amid Investigation
The official website of one of the largest cryptocurrency pyramids of recent years has ceased working. OneCoin still owns the domain name, but the registrar has suspended the resource because of the investigation. Besides, the sites accompanying this project went offline too: One Academy and One World Foundation since, despite an open investigation, they continued to sell fake cryptocurrencies. Recall, the project lawyer Mark Scott was found guilty of financial fraud in the amount of about 400 million US dollars. Under the United States Constitution, he faces a 50-year sentence for this crime. Also, back in 2018, the closest colleague of the project`s founder Sebastian Greenwood was extradited to the United States. No news on this occasion came out since then. Many believe that Sebastian agreed to cooperate with the investigation and was placed in the federal witness protection program. The brother of the OneCoin founder was arrested and pleaded guilty, the prosecution is asking for a sentence of up to 90 years in jail, which is, in fact, a life sentence.