OKEx Executive: “I Look Forward To A New High The Bitcoin Deserves”
The topic of Bitcoin price has returned its position of the most interesting theme to talk about. The rate of the world’s first coin is quite unpredictable, yet an overall upwards tendency pleases every crypto-related person. Read more: https://thecoinshark.net/bitcoin-price-reached-8846-per-coin-analysts-expect-28k/ The head of operations at Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, Andy Cheung, thinks that the current rally of Bitcoin price may add fuel so that the coin retest the all-time high of $20,000. Last year, Cheung called $20,000 a “conservative prediction” for the coin’s price in 2019. He said that the speculators might exit their long positions now since the increase of Bitcoin price reached 180% in less than 6 months. Andy Cheung also pointed out that the rally of Bitcoin price would not stop since institutional investors are coming into the market.
“We are thrilled to witness such [a] bullish trend, and I look forward to a new high the bitcoin deserves. Bitcoin is not just a coin but a spirit that hinders the crypto-industry.”
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