Officially: Alexander Vinnik Remains in Custody
The French court decided to leave Russian Alexander Vinnik, the suspect in financial fraud in the amount of 4 billion US dollars, in custody. The court believes this is the most correct decision in terms of safety. Important to note is that even before extradition when Vinnik was in Greece, he was attacked and not once. Then the prosecution insisted the suspect be detained for his own safety. "It is necessary to save evidence that France does not have, they are in Greece, and if Alexander is released, then the phone and the computer with evidence may be in danger." - Vinnik’s lawyer said. This hearing was held in closed session, so the media was not allowed into the courtroom. Lawyers spoke negatively about this meeting. They said they were not even informed where the defendant would be held. “During the trial, some circumstances of the case presented by the prosecutor were actually falsified. When we demanded documents confirming the circumstances to which the prosecutor referred, they were given to us during the break, and we found out that was so. We stated about this in the process, but the judge refused to take this into account, after which a conflict began,” Musatov said. Earlier we wrote that the first hearing in the Vinnik case could take place in a French hospital.