New Information About Justin Sun and Warren Buffett Charity Dinner has Appeared
Lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett for $4.5 million scheduled for July 25. The meeting point is San Francisco, although previously similar events were held in Manhattan. It should be noted that this is the most expensive charity lunch in the history of the Glide Foundation. The Glide Foundation is a San Francisco charity that helps homeless people and victims of domestic violence. Sun still intends to change Warren Buffett’s opinion on cryptocurrency, although he admits that it’s not realistic to make Buffett invest in them. But he hopes that the billionaire will soften his position a little bit.
“We want this lunch to be a bridge between the cryptocurrency community and the traditional investor.It might be unrealistic to convince Warren Buffett, in just three hours, to buy cryptocurrencies. But we want to show him the recent progress of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”
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