Major Electricity Theft in China: 600 Computers Were Used for Mining
In the northeast of China, the police of a city Tianjin detained a suspect who stole electricity to mine BTC. At the moment, another five people are being investigated, Reuters reports citing a local news agency Xinhua. As the newspaper reports, the enterprise, which supplies the city with electricity, began to notice the causeless losses of the resource on one of its electric lines. This indicates only that the line was experiencing an increased load. According to the police, the meter in the junction box of one of the electricity consumers was closed. This method is most often used by fraudsters to not pay for consumed electricity. Suspects for BTC mining used 600 powerful computers and six air conditioning systems, which the police confiscated during the investigation. The data testify that the exhausted mining equipment consumed electric power for hundreds of thousands of yuan per month. We remind you that we previously reported that the Chinese authorities blocked access to ICO platforms. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: