Libra Published The Project Roadmap
The Libra Association published its official roadmap, where they described the steps for developers to pass before launching the main network. Based on the official document posted on the Libra Association website, it appears, they divided the project into four stages. On the first, partners must launch 5 nodes, on the second - 25, on the third - 75, on the fourth (final) - 100. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1362"] Source:[/caption] Note, Libra nodes will have a combined infrastructure: local and cloud, which will make the network more reliable. Before launching the main network, developers will create a special environment - Pre-Mainnet. Here partners can test the capabilities of the system and communicate with each other. So the Libra Association continues to work hard on its project despite the huge pressure from the regulators of the leading countries of the world.