Libra Association Created a Committee to Monitor the Project Development
The Libra consortium owners decided to create a technical coordination committee, which will control the development of the coin. The information appeared on the official website of the project. The committee included five members: Diogo Monica, Co-Founder, and President at Anchorage, George Cabrera III, Libra Core Product Lead at Calibra, Joe Lallouz, CEO and Founder at Bison Trails, Nick Grossman, Partner at Union Square Ventures, Ric Shreves, Director, Emerging Technology at Mercy Corps.  These experts will monitor whether the team follows the initially presented roadmap and control the process of writing the source code. Recall that the launch of the project was originally planned for the end of 2020, but due to huge problems with regulators from around the world, including the USA, few believe in this deadline. Recall earlier we wrote that Libra was officially banned in the EU. To keep up with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, check out updates on TheCoinShark.