Kanye West Collaborates With Pornhub: Is the Rapper Interested in Cryptocurrencies?
An American rapper Kanye West became the art director of the Pornhub Awards, which awarded representatives of the porn resource for the first time on September 7. Kanye was responsible for the appearance of the ceremony hosts. It's no secret that the rapper has experience with Pornhub. At the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Kanye admitted that the administration of Pornhub awarded him a lifetime subscription. https://twitter.com/Pornhub/status/1027925372321652736 Furthermore, we remind you that the resource has been actively supporting cryptocurrency. Firstly, it added support for paying for adult videos in Tron and ZenCash, and later announced a partnership with a cryptocurrency payment startup PumaPay. Kanye West also became interested in the topic of investment. He has recently discovered a fake account of American investor Warren Buffett, which he reported about on his Twitter. Read more here: https://thecoinshark.net/kanye-west-discovered-a-fake-account-of-warren-buffett/ In the distant 2014, when the crypto market was just born, Kanye already had a negative experience with all kinds of coins. After all, it was then that a group of developers announced the launch of a virtual currency under the parody name Coiney West. They used the name, as well as the image of the star to promote their cryptocurrency, which was created as a hyped up coin for the hip-hop community. But the rapper did not appreciate this joke. The lawyers of West sued the Coiney team, citing the violation of trademark rights. Now, it seems that the rapper is not so critical to the crypto world. We might soon hear about his first investment, because his wife Kim Kardashian already has her own Bitcoin. https://thecoinshark.net/a-bitcoin-was-gifted-to-kim-kardashian/ Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/