ICO Marketing: Where to Find and How to Attract Target Audience
ICO is one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. Only lazy sources have not yet given a feedback or published at least one article on this breakthrough phenomenon in the world of economics. We offer to skip the introductory part "What is ICO" and begin reviewing the tool without which ICO would not be viable - marketing. To do this, let’s consider channels for attracting target audience to an ICO project. Contents:
  1. Check List 1.1. Landing 1.2. Content 1.3. SMM and Community Management 1.4. Analytics 1.5. Newsletters
  2. Audience Attraction Channels 2.1. Articles 2.2. Audits or Project Reviews 2.3. Banners 2.4. Newsletters 2.5. Advertising on Social Media
  3. Bounty Program
  4. Conclusion

1.Check List

1.1. Landing

To connect users with the project, you need a convenient, informative and uninterruptedly functioning site that must contain:
  • links to social networks and instant messengers;
  • form for subscribing to newsletters;
  • Whitepaper;
  • Onepager;
  • information about the team and advisers.

1.2. Content

A well-developed product, an ideally thought-out concept and worked-through offers are part of the work. Information about these things should be presented to the readers competently. It is necessary to describe the project in such a way that the person who does not interact with cryptocurrencies could understand and explain it to others.

1.3. SMM and Community Management

Attracting attention and creating hype around the project can be done by providing regular up-to-date information. These can be publications about updates, upcoming events, new team members and everything that concerns an ICO. It is important to maintain continuous communication with subscribers: answer questions, comments and so on. The main thing is to understand that community management and advertising are different. Contact with the audience should be maintained in at least four social resources: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

1.4. Analytics

It is very important to have an idea where the main traffic comes from. In such a case, qualitative assessment is more important than quantitative. The ultimate goal should be to attract audience from all channels.

1.5. Newsletters

An important communication channel with a potential audience is newsletter system. To form it, you need a content plan. According to it people will receive information about the project, namely about the dates of pre-sale, sale, distribution, as well as new offers, updates and so on. Do not forget that the first letter should be welcome-letter.

2. Audience Attraction Channels

2.1. Articles

There is a small number of resources that publish articles and reviews with guarantees that the information is reliable. If there are copywriters in the staff, you can collect a pool of articles for posting or agree with the site so that they independently write a review on their behalf.

2.2. Audits or Project Reviews

This is another context format. A regular copywriter or someone enthusiastic should write a full review of the project with maximum analysis of the nuances, which is placed on a third-party site or in a personal blog, for example, of this enthusiast.

2.3. Banners

Bright, interesting and informative banners give a good conversion. Some experts suggest using a banner with a countdown for additional attention. To make the banner as attractive and effective as possible, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with neuromarketing and go deeper into the study of it.

2.4. Newsletters

Regular mailing according to subscriber base is one of the services regularly offered by some sites. Usually the database consists of only a few thousand people, but it is target audience. Specialized media provide more efficient services, which are combined into one package. It often includes listing, a banner and a mention of the project in the newsletter list based on the database and other tools, which, for example, are offered by the ICO marketing agency ADDivine.

2.5. Advertising on Social Media

As mentioned above, community management must necessarily be present in social networks, but do not underestimate their other side, which opens up advertising opportunities.
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Paid Search;
  • YouTube
  • Reddit;
  • BitcoinTalk.

3. Bounty Program

A bounty program is the monetary motivation of social network users to carry out some actions aimed at promoting the ICO project. It can be posts in Facebook, reposts from Twitter, attracting readers to Medium and so on. A share of the tokens is specially allocated to the program.

4. Conclusion

Attracting an audience is only the first step. Afterwards, it is necessary to systematize the interaction with it. The above-mentioned community management, SMM and email marketing can help with it. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to conduct ICO properly, what it consists of and so on. However, if you want the idea of ​​your project to see the world and benefit every person, then you need to develop your project, which means attracting investments. To do this, we recommend that you contact experienced marketing agencies that deal not only with traditional marketing but also with ICO marketing. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark