How Will Bitcoin Surprise Us Today?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about cryptocurrency? Most likely, your memory will immediately reproduce the logo of the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is not surprising, because it was Bitcoin that boosted the development of the virtual money industry. The state of Bitcoin is of greater interest than the state of traditional money. Moreover, in Japan the first cryptocurrency of the world is recognized as an official means of payment. Bitcoin today is deservedly popular and in demand due to its undeniable advantages:
  • a breakthrough financial IT technology of the blockchain lies at the heart of the transaction;
  • emission, that is, issuing BTC, is characterized by safe and transparent implementation;
  • it has a minimum commission;
  • it is reliably protected;
  • it does not depend on the interests of any person, institution or other.
Bitcoin Graph Despite the popularity and relevance, Bitcoin has been displeasing people with an unstable state. After the 17th of December, it reached a historic high (1 BTC = about 20 thousand dollars), its rapid decline began, after that it repeatedly rose, fell, then rose and fell again. Now we have the following situation, which doesn’t sound very happy: the last time Bitcoin fell critically low was in mid-April, which, judging by analysts' forecasts, will happen again in the near future. At the time of writing, on the 23rd of May, Bitcoin's rate was $7926, which is less than rate of the 22nd of May by 4.22%. The data are presented in accordance with the trading portal Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin price in one day

Bitcoin price in one month


Bitcoin price in three months

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