Google Birthday Collection: Top-5 Decisions of the Company About Cryptocurrencies
September 27, the most popular search giant turns 20 years old. The edition of The Coin Shark congratulates the company on its anniversary and, at the same time, reminds readers of the brightest events from Google's "life" that are related to cryptocurrencies. 1.Google imposed a ban on advertising cryptocurrency this year in summer. For many crypto and blockchain companies, that action meant a complete ban on unregulated or speculative financial products, such as binary options and cryptocurrency rates. 2.Google is developing its own blockchain for the cloud business. So the company is going to convince customers in the security of information that is stored in a giant network of computer servers. 3.After Google announced that advertising ICO, crypto wallets, cryptocurrency, and other similar news will be banned on the platform, there were rumors that Google is possibly developing its own currency, which explains the ban on news about the tokens of competitors. 4.Literally a month later, Google loosened its control a bit and studied the crypto world a bit more thoroughly - the company became a partner of the digital blockchain startup Digital Asset and added a cryptocurrency exchanger to its search. 5.In September this year, the Google Play Market has made updates to the Developer Policy Center in the category of prohibited content. The BitPay wallet application that provides Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processing services to traders has been removed from the Google Play Market without any warnings from developers. Recently, there has been information that Google partially canceled the ban on advertising crypto and ICO: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: