Football Is Catching a Crypto Fever: Liverpool and Juventus Are Joining In
As we reported earlier more and more football clubs have researched the possibilities of implementing blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Paris Saint-Germain became the first one to issue its own digital coin, UEFA is planning to launch a ticketing system of blockchain. The major English club Liverpool has announced its partnership with the platform TigerWit. Together they will launch a trading app giving access to key world markets, currencies, precious metals, indexes etc. From now on, TigerWit will be the official trading partner FC Liverpool. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s Italian rival, FC Juventus. The new “home” of Ronaldu announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency - Fan Token. To do this, Juventus is partnering up with the platform Socio, exactly like PSG. According to the club management, the new token will help fans to take more active part in the life of the team. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: