Facebook Bought Chatbot for Integration into Calibra
Facebook bought the Servicefriend chatbot to make the Libra (Calibra) stablecoin cryptocurrency wallet convenient for users in the future. According to the developers, the artificial intelligence of the bot will attract maximum customers in Calibra services. You can use WhatsApp or Messenger to exchange messages with a bot integrated into Calibra. According to Servicefriend specialists, the chatbot is able to imitate not only understanding of the problem, but also sympathy in the process of correspondence with the user. At the same time, the person will be confident that one is communicating with a live operator. Servicefriend developers want to bring the communications of commercial enterprises with their target audience to a new qualitative level because the Servicefriend chatbot creates an absolute illusion of live interaction between the operator and customer. Recall that governments of many countries of the world including the USA, France, Germany, etc do not want to accept the Libra project. Zuckerberg's team is in a desperate struggle with the regulators, but nobody knows how this confrontation will end.