Ex-CEO of The WEX Exchange Was Arrested in Italy
The former CEO of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange WEX, Dmitri Vasilev, was arrested on Friday, July 19, in Italy. Attache of the Russian Embassy in Italy, Dmitri Gurin refused to give any details on this issue. We can say that the information is semi-official since the primary source of the news is the BBC Russia edition, which refers to a Vasilev`s friend and two anonymous investors of WEX. Recall that the WEX cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2017 as the follower to the non-existent BTC-e stock exchange. The exchange worked for about a year, until Vasilev wanted to sell the platform to Kharchenko, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation and for some reason is fighting on the territory of Ukraine and is currently in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. According to Kharchenko, the transaction was completed, but Dmitri Vasilev took the funds, did not provide the keys to the exchange and disappeared.  Later, in the fall of 2018, ETH for the total amount of $19 million was transferred from the cold wallets of the WEX exchange to the Binance balance. But the exchange froze these funds, the further fate of Vasiliev was unknown until that day. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/a-new-dragonfly-from-nasa-will-fly-to-saturn-s-largest-satellite-titan/