ESET Detected the Software for Stealing Cryptocurrency on Google Play
The Cardano ADA Wallet application was found on Google Play, which is designed to steal cryptocurrency directly from users' wallets. The app was discovered by specialists of the company that developed the ESET antivirus software. The application description contains information that it is intended for storing digital ADA tools. Among the developers was Cardano inc. However, in reality this project does not belong to the company in any way. Hiding its true motives, the app itself suggests synchronizing with other wallets, supposedly, for more comfort. However, as soon as the user registers, the application proceeds to steal cryptocurrency. Google has already been informed by ESET, after which the corporation took immediate action. Now the fraudulent software is no longer in the virtual store directory. We remind you that this is not the first malicious app found on Google Play, which steals personal data to carry out the theft of cash. Earlier, experts of the antivirus company ESET discovered the Monero Miner (XMR) app on the Google Play Market, offering credulous users to mine the Monero cryptocurrency using a mobile browser. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: