Employees of the Secret Nuclear Center in the Russian Federation Engaged in Mining at the Workplace
The Sarov City Court (Nizhny Novgorod Region) sentenced Andrei Shatokhin, an employee of the Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental Physics, to mining a cryptocurrency in the workplace for a suspended sentence and a fine - became known on October 16. According to the court’s representative, the employees of the Institute of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center Andrei Shatohin, Andrei Rybkin and Denis Baykov also took participation in this case. Soviet atomic weapons have been developed and created in this center since the middle of the last century. The center is a regime enterprise in a closed zone with no access for tourists. Computers of the nuclear center are the most powerful in Russia, capable of carrying 1 trillion calculations per second. In normal operating mode, they do not have Internet access for security reasons. According to materials from the court’s website, Shatokhin, Rybkin and Baykov used the center’s computers and a service local area network to mine cryptocurrency from May to September 2017. The Mining Farm worked primarily at night, the employees divided the profit between. The lawyer of one of the accused, Alexei Korolev, told the media that the engineers hoped to go unnoticed since they were the best programmers in the country. According to the court, the amount of damage caused to the institute is more than 1 million 140 thousand rubles.