Do Not Sell Ethereum: Top Original Clothes Prints in Support of Cryptocurrency
Due to the latest changes in the cryptocurrency market and the news that Ethereum is dying, Vitalik Buterin is trying hard to support cryptocurrency. The Coin Shark editorial board also decided not to stay away and cheer the fans of ETH, as well as all holders of other coins. We present a selection of original things and accessories that we found on the web. 1. The Holy Vitalik Vitalik Buterin, no doubt, has achieved incredible success in the field of cryptocurrency. Therefore, we completely agree with this image of Ethereum’s founder. Source: 2. Almost Nike: JUST HODL IT The famous slogan of the world-famous sportswear and footwear manufacturer Nike, suits the situation on the crypto market perfectly: just hodl ETH. Source: 3. Do not let ETH go It is sad to watch those selling cryptocurrency, and then, in the future, not only it restores its positions, but also grows in price. A girl with a balloon symbolizes a lost dream or, in this case, an Ethereum coin. Source: 4. Time to buy Ethereum These watches always show the right time. It's time to buy cryptocurrency. Source: 5. Keep calm and hodl ETH As you know, hodler is the slang name of an investor who buys cryptocurrencies and does not sell them, regardless of the situation on the market. This is what the well-known print reminds us of. Source: Besides the images of Ethereum, various accessories, clothing and decorative objects are also produced in support of both Bitcoin and other digital coins. Source:   Source:   Source: eth news Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: