Circle CEO: Facebook’s Libra Will Boost Bitcoin Price To $10,000 Per Coin
The presentation day of the most anticipated crypto coin Libra is coming closer which makes us wait for it even more impatiently. Some analysts are sure that Facebook’s coin will influence the crypto space greatly, including the Bitcoin price. Read more: Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle, shared his opinion about the whitepaper of Libra on Twitter. He said that it would have a great impact on global cryptocurrency adoption. He also added that he expected Bitcoin to be valued at a five-digit number - $10,000. Furthermore, many analysts think that $10,000 per one Bitcoin is a key level for a coin to grow even higher. Fundstrat Global Advisors say that once Bitcoin reaches $10k, the happy hour will come to the crypto market. However, some crypto investors may be suffered from FOMO - fear of missing out, since they missed an opportunity to buy Bitcoin for $3500 per coin earlier this year. Now the Bitcoin price is soaring and who knows when it is going to stop. We remind you: