CEO of Cosmos Switches to Global Warming

Jae Kwon, the Cosmos CEO, said he wants to leave the blockchain project and devote more time to a new initiative connected with climate change. Initially, this information was published on the Dailydefi Twitter account, and later Kwon himself confirmed it. “I’m only leaving after the transition plans are finalized, and even still will be involved with the ICF serving as a member of the council.  I’m not “leaving” cosmos, it’s working largely without me as we speak. I’m focusing on AIB Process which also governs the cosmos division”. – Kwon said.  This news excited the community, some even began to write that this story looked like exit-scam. But there were also those who supported Kwon's new attempts:

“His job is not to babysit Cosmos. The network is running independently.”

Important to note is that the new Kwon`s project “Virgo” is most likely connected with the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion, which is openly fighting climate change on the planet. Earlier we wrote that Nasa reported a drying atmosphere over the Amazon. To keep up with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, check out updates on TheCoinShark.