Burger King restaurants can now pay with cryptocurrency
In the South American country of Venezuela, you can now use Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies to pay for your order at the Burger King fast food restaurant chain. This was reported on Twitter by the progressive payment service Cryptobuyer: https://twitter.com/cryptobuyer/status/1211724797870252033 In addition to the most popular BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH and USDT, a BNance exchange BNB coin is available for payment. Of the 40 restaurants in the country, the option of paying with cryptocurrencies is offered only in one restaurant in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. But the company plans for 2020 to implement this opportunity throughout the Burger King network. Previously, the same restaurant has already practiced similar in Germany. https://twitter.com/Nohemiaraujo/status/1212811617571880961 Venezuela is one of the first countries that is trying to solve economic problems through the use of cryptocurrencies. Specialists created the cryptocurrency El Petro, which has already replaced the use of fiat Venezuelan bolivar in some areas of public policy. For example, you can pay the fee for obtaining a passport only in El Petro, and in 2018 the government will transfer pension savings of citizens to cryptocurrency.