Bloomberg and a Cryptocurrency Company Will Launch a Cryptocurrency Index
Bloomberg cooperated with Galaxy Digital Capital Management LP, which specializes in cryptocurrency assets, and launched a new cryptocurrency index, Reuters reports. Galaxy Digital Capital Management LP was founded by the former manager of hedge fund management Mike Novograts. The main purpose of the new index, the ticker of which is BGCI, is to monitor the dynamics of market capitalization, consisting of 10 cryptocurrencies. The index basket is formed as follows: Bitcoin - 30%; Ethereum - 30%; Ripple - 14.14%; Bitcoin Cash - 10.65%; EOS - 6.11%; Litecoin - 3.77%; Dash - 1.67%; Monero - 1.66%; Ethereum Classic - 1%; Zcash - 1%. The index will make it possible to monitor the overall situation on the cryptocurrency market, which will establish unprecedented transparency of processes within it. We remind you that the possibility of opening a department for trading in digital currencies is still being considered by the international investment bank Barclays Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: